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Rat Blog–All That You Need To Know About These Cutesy Pets

Rats make great pets. Lots of people assume that they bring upon dirt and diseases, but these aspects are generally associated with wild rats. Pet rats are the same species as wild rats, but it is the grooming and upkeep that makes all the difference with their wild counterparts. Rats though tiny animals do require care and certain basic dos and don’ts that go a long way in fostering a great time between them and their owners. rat blog help in understanding the behavioral patterns of the creature to find out ways and means to domesticate it. www.bluecross.org.uk helps you find a homeless pet rat, be generous by giving them shelter and food.

Features to consider while domesticating a rat
· Rats come in a variety of colors, fur coats and eye colors. They generally live for about two and half years. Male rats are called bucks; female rats are called does, and baby rats are known as kittens. Rats love the company, and therefore, it does not make sense to keep a solitary animal as pets.
· Rats breed frequently reproducing about eight kittens every time they litter. If rats are kept together, their frequent breeding may cause problems. Female rats can become pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth and hence it is important to keep male and female rats separately. Those who want to keep rats as pets should buy them from reputed breeders and go for animals that are at least six weeks old. This is so because by six weeks it is possible to identify the sex of the rats easily and this helps the pet owners in segregating the rats. It is also important that the pet owners understand the ways of identifying the sex of the rats from the breeders, carefully.
· The right type of shelter for the rats: Rats love climbing and hence tall cages that are also broad enough to give them enough room to play would make ideal cages. It is better than instead of mesh; the cage has solid floorings. This is because the feet of the rats may get trapped in the mesh. The bedding in the cages for the rats should be dust free. Rats are prone to respiratory problems, and any kind of dust may be harmful to them. A certain portion of the cage should be nested to help with tranquillity and peace when they sleep.
· Rats are very social, and therefore it is essential that they are given some time away from their cages every day.
· Rats are omnivorous animals and grains, vegetables and dog food as the protein source makes great food for them. Peanuts and fruits should be offered to them once in a while else this may result in skin problems. Do keep a check not to overfeed them and make them fat.
· It is important to seek the veterinary’s help if any rat is lethargic. A lethargic rat signals health issues in the animal. They are also prone to respiratory issues, and these are generally contagious for the other rats; not for humans or other animals. Rats are usually clean animals and washing their tails with a mild shampoo occasionally is all that you may need to do.