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Pet Rat Care Guide For Beginners

Rats are very friendly, intelligent little creatures who can be kept healthy easily and therefore are becoming the favorite choice for the people who desire to have pets. Their naughty and hearty nature make them great companions for kids and adults alike. As soon as we bring these adorable little friends in our house, it becomes our sole responsibility to provide them with comfortable and secure environment, nutritious and healthy food and most of all our time to play with and cuddle them. A quick guide on rat care for beginners is just what you want to make this relationship between you and your pet happier and enjoyable. You can explore all about the new trends, foods, medical aid, shelters for your pets by visiting www.petguide.com.

The essentials for taking care of your pet are:
1. Cage – First thing first, we should get a place or enclosure where these little creatures can be safely kept and taken care of. Wire cages are the best choice. Since rats are super active, they keep jumping and love roaming around all the time, bigger and taller cages with puzzles, ramps keep the little ones’ busy. These cages should be placed in cool, ventilated place. Since these are nocturnal creatures, hence there should be less noise during daytime. These cages should have solid flooring with bedding covering the base to make it comfortable.
2. Bedding- There are various types of bedding materials ranging from recyclable paper pulps, wood pulps other than cedar and pine shavings, clothes and shredded papers. Many brands are offering the different type of beddings. Depending upon the quality, quantity, maintenance requirement, and cost, the suitable choice should be made.
3. Litter Boxes- These are required to maintain the hygiene of the animal as well as maintain cleanliness in the cage. Since rats are intelligent animals, they are easy to get litter trained. Usually, these boxes are made cardboards, corncobs, crushed walnut shells etc. the cage and litter box should be cleaned regularly, sometimes with disinfectants to ensure safe health and hygiene.
4. Feeding- Rats are food lovers. To ensure good health, they should be fed with fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Proteins are essential; occasionally animal proteins should also be involved in the diet. Pallets and lab block are considered as best food for rats. they have balanced nutrition value and easy to digest. Many variants of these are available in the market. Certain food items should be avoided which include items with high sugar contents, junk food, orange juice, raw banana, cabbage and sweet potato, excess intake of cheese, almonds, walnuts etc.
Other activities which improve the overall development of your pet include proper grooming by giving occasional baths with soft shampoo and lukewarm water and trimming of their nails which tend to grow fast. Playing and training your pet. These creatures are intelligent and smart learners, hence taming and training them is a lot easier. They are friendly and love to be cuddled. Creating puzzles and obstacle games for them is a lot of fun.