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Best Cat litter mats

Are you looking for a mat cat will use?
A cat mat or a cat litter mat is a mat made for felines if they bring litter out of the litter box and onto the floor. Most cat owners have litter boxes, but a litter box alone does not guarantee that all the litter stays inside the box. There are many problems that cat owners face when cat uses the litter box:

· Litter Kicked Out Of The Box And Onto The Floor
· Litter is sticking to the cat’s hair, paws after using the box and then dragging that across the floor, this happens especially with the long haired cats.
· Cats, missing the box and dirtying the sides, which trickle onto the floor.

It is where the litter mat comes in handy. The litter mat keeps the area outside the box clean. There are some of the best little mats available in the market as per acvn.org which can keep your house clean from any cat litter. They come in various shapes, sizes and prices to match your decor.

Half Circle Cat Litter Mat
The mat is shaped like a half circle and can be kept in front of the cat’s litter box. The half circle design covers the front of the box, and the cat’s feet gets cleaned when the kitty come out of the litter box. The material of the mat should be such that it is soft and cleans the feet while it is comfortable for the cat to step on it. The mat should have webbing that traps the litter when the cat comes out of the box.

Smart Grip Mat
These kinds of mats are made of a soft material, and this catches the litter from the cat’s paws and also allows the cat to step on a smooth surface. This mat also impresses the litter into the mat and does not permit it to trail onto the floor. The best part of this mat is that it can be cleaned easily with a wet sponge or a rag.

Multi-layered mat for extra protection
If you have a messy cat, multi-layered mats are the one to look out for. These mats prevent accidental leaks onto the carpets, so using a double or triple layer mat will prevent liquid from seeping. These multi-layered mats are patented products to avoid liquid seepage while trapping litter. It is easily cleaned with water. The top mat of this multi-layered mat will be smooth and will be comfortable for the sensitive paws of your cat.

Large litter mats
If you have more than one cat at home and use many litter boxes, large mats are a great option. The large size of the mat will cover more area of the floor and keeps floor less messy.

All in all, the litter mat you purchase should be comfortable to the cat to walk on after using the litter box to prevent tracking out on the floor. Also, keep in mind that litter mats may not collect every bit of litter, but will collect most of it. Sometimes, some cats may never step on the mat by jumping over it. It might be because of the cats dislike to step on certain things, so choose wisely.