A Guide To Understand Sleeping Patterns Of Your Dog

It is your first pet and you are really excited about your dog, well along with this comes in a lot of responsibilities. You are really confused about the sleeping and eating habits. Sometimes you may get anxious and worried, if your pet is being lazy and sleeping too much. However, you need to understand what is normal and what is not and requires your immediate attention. Few essential things which you should do as soon as you bring the little one in your house include getting their necessary vaccination done, arranging for regular veterinary check-ups, exploring best dog beds and pedigree to keep them healthy and fit. It is the natural bond which dogs share with their masters. Within no time you start loving them unconditionally which has also been proved scientifically as per a recent report www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11542075/Why-humans-love-pet-dogs-as-much-as-their-children.html.

Let us now understand more closely about the sleep patterns of dogs and what you can do to comfort them further. The usual need for rest and sound sleep required by the dogs is up to 14 hours a day. Depending on the type of breed the sleep pattern may vary. Larger breeds like Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, etc. although being ferocious sleep longer than average time i.e. up to 18 hours a day. Similarly, small puppies who are in the process of developing their strength and immunity tend to sleep up to 20 hours like infants in humans. However, if you notice an unusual pattern of sleep and your dog is very lethargic and lazy without any reason, it’s better to take them to your veterinary doctor for a quick check-up. The best part is they are very easy to train and can smoothly get into the routine you set them. Therefore, as a master, you should teach them well to maintain their physical fitness, set their sleeping routine which suits your lifestyle. Dogs cannot communicate their happiness, but marking their territories at a place they find cozy and warm is through pawing in a particular area or moving in circles at that position.

Like humans, dogs also have different phases of sleep. Slowly their body temperature falls, and the heart rate also takes a dip. Few minutes further into the sleep they start with rapid eye movement and sometimes roll on the floor and move their limps around. This is the standard way of how they attempt to sleep. If you notice any irregularities to this, you may consider meeting the doctor.

Heat beds are good options for less hairy dogs and especially in cold weather to provide your pet with an appropriate sleeping environment. Dogs are den animals and love to have cozy kennels where they can relax, hide up their favorite toys and play around.

Since they are fast and obedient learners, you should train your pet dogs from the young age. Although they are adorable little angels, therefore along with pampering them, it is equally important to set their daily routine to enhance physical strength. Care and affection are mutual feelings, the more you care about your little friends, more closely attached they will be with their masters

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